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House Wash

When the exterior of your home loses its shine and you envision a cleaner and brighter future for you and your family, it is certainly a good time to get your house cleaned. Although it is necessary to take care of that dirt buildup, grime, mildew, cobwebs, it is also important that it is done by an experienced and knowledgeable professional, one that truly understands the difference between high and low-pressure cleaning.

We utilize the low-pressure (Soft Wash) method to provide homeowners with the star care treatment they deserve, versus the standard pressure washing method. StarCare Power Wash is the go-to company for Solano County homeowners because we pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with and will clean the exterior of your home with experience, specialized soaps, and low-pressure.

Proven Low-Pressure (Soft Wash) Method
No Stucco or Siding Damage
Quality Lasting Results
Removes Mildew, Grime, Streaks, Stains and
Organic Growth
Save you Money in Painting Costs

Roof Wash

Your home’s curb appeal is important to the property value and overall attractiveness. There are many pressure washers in the industry, and it is extremely important to hire a professional who will avoid knocking organic growth and grime off your roof with high pressure. High pressure can indeed clean the stains and streaks but will very likely lead to damage and costly roof repairs. We are experienced with shingle, tile, and stone-coated steel roofs.

Our low-pressure (Soft Wash) Roof Cleaning is the proper technique to clean your roof and best of all it is damage-free and will avoid costly repairs. We use expert commercial-grade solutions and apply with no more PSI than a garden hose. StarCare Power Wash is able to deliver quality results to Solano County homeowners consistently and leave roofs shining brighter, lasting longer; all while creating a no-risk peace of mind for our customers.

Proven Low-Pressure (Soft Wash) Method
No Roof Damage
Quality Lasting Results
Removes Grime, Streaks, Stains and Organic Growth

Cleaning Process

Clean with environmentally green soaps and products
Use hot water (up to 212 degrees)
Reclaim wastewater; EPA Compliant
Low-pressure (Softwash) on buildings and awnings

We offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services