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Greg Harper

President | Operator | Sales & Marketing 

Committed to Community, Quality, and Cleaner and Brighter Properties

When the exterior of your business or home is not kept cleaned, the atmosphere and economy suffers. My passion is giving your property the star care it deserves. My team and I help restore the curb appeal that attracts people to either your home or your place of business. 

Not every property is the same and requires different approaches using a wide range of techniques.  So, I have taken my training, compliance, and efforts very seriously. Pressure washing can be done by most people, but to produce quality results and avoid damage to your property is a different story. I will take very good care of your property, work with your schedule, and devote my full attention to meeting your pressure washing needs.

I’m a member of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) and currently work with clients who own fast-food restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, warehouses, and residential homes. I am a husband to my lovely wife, friend, and business partner, father to my three beautiful daughters, an underwriting manager at a local Insurance Company, and love to hike, read, and invest. I’m extremely passionate about family, community, and the future. I am a lifelong learner and determined to be the best at what ever I put my mind to. My motto is to work both smarter and harder and have as much fun as humanly possible while doing so.